On Focus: ADAMS

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Started as a solo project of ADAM (vocal) from November 2011.
ADAMS is born after Shota (guitar) joined.
Band works on the concept of homosexuality, decorated with mysterious and melodic sound reminiscent of, golden age of ’90s in Visual Kei scene. Their sound described like ‘NEO SEXUAL’. First debut single – Dizzy Love they release on 11.08.2012 and first debut album Neo Sexual on 21.11.2012.
Second single – KIMINOSEI they release on 20.02.2013. Same year is very good for them, and they release two new two singles and first European tour. In spring of 2014 they have and 2nd European tour. Today (09.06.2014) they release 2nd fulll album ”SIXNINE 「69」”.

Adam – vocal

adamShota – guitar


Dizzy Love – 11.08.2012
KIMINOSEI – 20.02.2013
BITTERSWEET – 19.07.2013
SESERAGI 「せせらぎ」- 18.11.2013

Neo Sexual – 21.11.2012
SIXNINE 「69」- 09.06.2014

Source: OHP, Facebook, Adam Twitter, Shota Twitter and HIGHFeeL JAPAN YouTube channel


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