Nippon Heaven presents: V.I.P

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Name: Nakashima Hiroaki
Part: vocal, piano, guitar
Date of birth: 29 December 1978
Blood type: O
Height: 171 cm
Living place: Tokyo, Japan
Birthplace: Hanamaki-city, Iwate, Japan

V.I.P it’s the solo works of the Japanese vocalist and composer Hiroaki Nakashima. Hiroaki Nakashima is since 2011 the vocalist and songwriter for the Japanese rock duo I-ai- who was on their first European tour in January 2014. V.I.P stands for “Vocalist I-ai- Project”.

The vision of V.I.P is to be engaged in several of activities with people all over the world, music being its main part, but not limited to it alone. Creativity set no limits. In the same manner as I-ai-, V.I.P is organized in a partnership management together with the Swedish agency Nyanko Scandal Factory.

Hiroaki 2Follow & listen to Hiroaki on Soundcloud!

V.I.P will participate in 2 upcoming events in Europe.
29.08: Stockholm, Sweden – Lakeside FIRST LIVE debut!
30.08: Uppsala, Sweden – Peppcon

Hiroaki 3.00


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