Matenrou Opera revealed new look and details for the newest single

Matenrou OperaMatenrou Opera revealed their new look for the upcoming 6th single.

Vo. Sono
SONO_profGt. Anzi
ANZI_profKey. Ayame
AYAME_profBa. Yo
YO_profDr. Yu

The band also revealed more information about their upcoming 6th single. Check it out below.

隣に座る太陽 (Tonari ni Suwaru Taiyou)
Release date: 23rd July 2014
Product code: KIZM.293~294
Price: 1.204 yen + tax

Track list:
1. 隣に座る太陽 (Tonari ni Suwaru Taiyou)
2. メインキャストは考える (Main cast wa kangaeru)

「隣に座る太陽」(Tonari ni Suwaru Taiyou) MUSIC VIDEO

Pre-order from CD Japan


Source: OHP


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