On Focus: RevleZ

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RevleZ is visual kei band, formed in 2011 as a session band under the name Ha☆lench..Their first official live as RevleZ is on 28 May 2012. Their first single “Alone” is released on 25 April 2012. On 21st November same year second single “MURDEROUS INTENT” was released.In 2013 the band continues with more and more lives and on 28th May played their first one-man “the one and indivisible core” exactly on their anniversary – 1 yeas as an active band. Along with it the band released live only single “Real affection”. On 13th November 2013 RevleZ released their first mini-album with title “THE MASK NOT DYEING”. On 26th December second one-man “DEPTH OF A MASK” was held at OSAKA MUSE.
2014 starts with more lives and on 28th March they released their first DVD “Sweet Night Party”. And as it becomes as a tradition, RevleZ held their 2nd anniversary one-man “Place of a conclusion” on 28th May at OSAKA BIGCAT. The 3rd single “Punishment” was dropped in stores on 25th June.


kyoma_prKyoma – vocal
Birthday: 05 May
Blood type: О
Previous band: Vardinal
Blog / Twitter

ren_prRen – guitar
Birthday: 03 October
Blood type: А
Previous band: Philter
Blog / Twitter

yuuki_prYuuki – guitar
Birthday: 09 May
Blood type: В
Previous band: Wednesday
Blog / Twitter

ryo_prRyo – bas
Birthday: 10 April
Blood type: ?
Previous band: Philter
Blog / Twitter

rui_prRui – drums
Birthday: 31 March
Blood type: А
Previous bands: DI3SIRAE, Libera
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25.04.2012: Alone (single)
21.11.2012: MURDEROUS INTENT (single)
28.05.2013: Real affection (live-only single)
13.11.2013: THE MASK NOT DYEING (mini-album)
28.03.2014: Sweet Night Party (DVD)
25.06.2014: Punishment (single)


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