Music Review: LOST ASH – MESSAGE

LOST ASHAfter the release of their last single “Kodoku no kakera” on December last year, LOST ASH finally released their new CD – single “MESSAGE”. It was released in 2 different editions – regular and limited. In the limited edition you can enjoy the video of the main song and its making, but in the regular edition awaits you another brand new song. The band is already promoting the new single, so let’s see what is in here too.

The first song in the single is of course the main. “MESSAGE” starts fast and in a way pretty much different from band’s previous songs. Sounds more like pop instead of visual kei, but this don’t make it bad, just different. There is some electro sounds included and we can also hear the bass line more clearly. Guitar solo is skillfully woven in the main melody.

“ROYAL ORDER” is playful song, starting with Daiki’s rapping and then mixing it with melodic singing. This song also have this fresh new “thing” for LOST ASH. In here Daiki shows his skills to mix different singing styles in just one song. Rhythmical drums makes you to move along with song and in my opinion is a good song for the summer season.

The last song is “DEEP XXXX” and is included in the regular edition of the single only. The fresh and fast sound continues here too, so you can continue your dancing. Guitar chords can make you want to do some headbang, even though the song is not really for headbanging. The chorus is more melodic than the verses, but it’s a good effect in my opinion.

All in all, it’s a good new single with brand new sounds for the summer and for the band itself. It allows band’s old fans to meet new style of LOST ASH and of course, new fans to get an addiction on their music. Truly recommended release on my opinion, so be sure to check it out too.

Release date: 18th June 2014


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