Calmando Qual with new DVD release

cqwwsCalmando Qual are going to release their second DVD, was announced the last days. Calmando Qual’s 2nd DVD [vision in the darkness] will be on sale on 27th August 2014 and will cost 3,780 yen. This DVD is a collection of videos from Calmando Qual’s past up through their latest music video, chronicling the very history and evolution of the band over the years! It is limited to 1000 copies only, so make your order. You’ll be able to buy in advance if you attend band’s live on 31st July at Ikebukuro Chop, when will be its release party.

Vision in the darkness[vision in the darkness]
July 31, 2014: available for pre-sale at live venues
August 27, 2014: on sale in stores
Disc number: SWCQ-7
Label: Starwave Records
Price: 3,780yen (tax in)
Limit 1000 copies
Run Time: 60 minutes

DVD playlist:
01. insanity
02. born IQUAL pain
03. hedonism
04. chandelier
05. Deadman’s party
06. 偽りと憎しみの間で (Itsuwari to Nikushimi no Hazamade)
07. 抜け殻 (Nukegara)
08. 歪 (Yugami)
09. 空中ブランコ (Kuchuburanko)
10. 闇を貫く激情の輝き (Yami o Tsuranuku Gekijou no Kagayaki)
11. 塗り潰されたエレジー (Nuritsubusareta Elegy)
12. 絶唱 (Zessho)
14. ガレキの夢 (Gareki no Yume)

Pre-order from Starwave Records online shop!

Calmando Qual OHP
Calmando Qual on Facebook
Calmando Qual’s interview for Nippon Heaven

Source: Kiwamu Kai through e-mail


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