Is Jin Akanishi back?

Akanishi JinWe haven’t been heard anything from Jin Akanishi in the last 2 year, right? Looks like now this is about to change and Akanishi is back to his music activities. We last saw him playing at the movie “47 Ronin” and nothing came after it, but now he is here again, making his fans crazy about it. Some days ago Jin opened his new official site and fan club and he is selling new goods like t-shirts, photos and whole photo book. The photo book is titled “WORK HARD PLAY HARD” and can be ordered only by members of his fan club, along with other goods.

Recently, on his YouTube channel was uploaded video teaser, in which we can see him recording. Of course, no more info is given, so we can hope for single or album straight away.

What we can expect from Jin? Who knows… Let us see!

Jin Akanishi new OHP
Official fan club “Jip’s” OHP

Source: Jin’s OHP, YouTube channel


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