Lycaon and BORN with coupling European tour 2014

lycaon and born

Yes, you understood correctly Lycaon and BORN will visit Europe in coupling tour.
They will visit seven different destinations in the early fall.
Do not miss them if you have the chance.

Tour dates:
05.09.2014 – Moscow / Plan B
06.09.2014 – Helsinki / Gloria
07.09.2014 – Munich / Feierwerk
09.09.2014 – Wroclaw / Firlej
10.09.2014 – Hamburg / Knust
12.09.2014 – Cologne / Werkstatt
13.09.2014 – Paris / Le Divan Du Monde

These are two comment videos of Lycaon and BORN for their upcoming tour. Enjoy !!!

Tickets can be found HERE !!! Official organizer of the tour B7Klan !

Source: B7Klan and B7Klan Youtube channel


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