Nippon Heaven Presents: ChambеrLain

chambarlainOfficial Site

ChamberLain was formed in 2013 with current members Haru, Ryoya, Masaki and Taku. Their 1st single ”Fuck you mine tight” they released on 21.08.2013. From their establishment they had many concerts and will continue with them, after little pause. Their next live for resuming activities is scheduled for 17.07.2014 at Takadanobaba AREA.

Haru / ハル – vocal
Birthday: 16.03
Blood type: 0

haru vo Ryoya – guitar
Birthday: 29.07
Blood type: A

ryoya gt Masaki / ま祥 – bass
Birthday: 26.04
Blood type: A

masaki ba Taku – drums
Birthday: 02.03
Blood type: A

taku dr Discography:
Fuck you mine tight – 21.08.2013


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