Music Review: RevleZ – Punishment

RevleZAt the end of last month, 25th June, visual kei band RevleZ had released their 3rd official single. Band’s last release was in November last year, so their fans was really excited to listen to some new songs by them. The single was released in 2 different editions – regular and limited. Decisions of releases titles is very interesting here – “Punishment” is following “Alone’, “Murderous Intent” etc. and bring us the thought to expect some brutal sound. Regular edition, which I’m going to review has 3 songs, so let’s follow their line.

PunishmentThe first song “Punishment” starts with heavy sound, rocking drums and a scream. Even though the verse and the chorus are switching screams and melodic singing. The melody is catchy and can make you move along with it. This song is good for headbanging for sure. Very powerful song for title song. I like a lot the guitar solo. It brings me a feeling that I’m listening something from an old visual kei release. Also it’s well done how the song starts and ends with same powerful drumming.

“FORGET ALL” continues with the hard beginning and some electronic made sounds. Again screams and melodic singing are mixed and vocalist Kyoma knows how to make this in the best way. There is also some added voices in the chorus and also good guitar chords in between the first chorus and the bridge, after which the chorus follows again. The melody stops suddenly, so it looks like the song’s end has been cut, but this is not as bad as it can be.

Last song is “stillbirth” and is mostly filled with screams. The “kind of a chorus” is made as Kyoma’s voice comes from somewhere very distant and also consist some electro sounds as well. This is the hardest and the shortest song in the single and suitable for a massive headbang, for headbang lovers.

All in all, it is a good and powerful single, which can be listened also from people, who like heavy metal as well. But in my opinion, RevleZ had never been visual kei band only. I recommend the release in 100%.

Global note: 8/10


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