yazzmad with new member and new release


In last April, the bassist of yazzmad, Ryou was leaving the band for personal reasons. The band has announced yesterday that they will welcome a new bassist named KAZAMI, revealing at the same time their new official photo and announcing the release of a new mini album named “niche[‘ni:tʃə] (ニーチェ)” (Nietzsche). This mini album will be released on September 17th, and will include 6 songs. yazzmad will also held their 3rd oneman at Ikebukuro EDGE on September 23th titled “new born bloom”

Tracklist of the new mini album:

1.ペシミズム (Pessimism)
2.リージョンエラー (Region error)
3.踊るペリカン (Odoru Pelican)
4.蜜月は真夜中に (Mitsugetsu wa mayonaka ni)
5.チャールズ (Charles)
6.メトロ (Metro)

You can already listen to the mini album preview, uploaded on the official channel of the band

src: OHP


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