DIR EN GREY with new look and new release

dir en grey DIR EN GREY revealed their new look.

Vo. Kyo

kyo vo Gt. Kaoru

kaoru gt Gt. Die

die gt2 Ba. Toshiya

toshiya ba Dr. Shinya

shinya dr DIR EN GREY announced that they will release new 9th full album with title ”ARCHE” on 10.12.2014. The album will be released in 2 editions and 1 special.

Limited Edition Special Package:
* 3-Pack (Blu-spec CD + bonus CD + bonus Blu-ray) and will cost 9,000 yen (tax in).
* 3-Disc (Blu-spec CD + bonus CD + bonus DVD) and will cost 8,000 yen (tax in).

Limited Edition will include 2-Disc (CD + bonus CD) and will cost 3,400 yen (tax in).

Regular Edition will inluce ony CD and will cost 3,000 yen (tax in).

Source: OHP


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