Live Report: Codomo Dragon in Saitama, Japan // 16.08.14

codomo dragon nl

10 days after the release of their new maxi-single “Viper”, Codomo Dragon was awaited at Saitama Heaven’s Rock VJ-3 for the third show of their summer one-man tour. While waiting for the band, the fans in the venue already turned on their colorful rings, which sparkled in the whole live house when it became darker.

When the five men finally entered on stage, everyone raised their arms, calling and cheering for them before that they started playing “RIGHT EVIL”. The audience jumped and shook their head together during the dynamic song. After that Hayato shouted the name of the band to introduce themselves, they played the songs of the new single one after the others, starting with “VIper” and then “ヒューマンエラー” (human error), for which the boys introduced the choreography. Kana made mistakes during the introduction, making the other members laughing as well as the public, that called him “cute”. After a little rehearsal together, the song started and everyone followed the movements of Hayato who made mistakes on purpose to tease the fans. His bright smile could make everyone forgive him. He also made everyone doing a wave several times, making everyone having fun together. With “last”, Hayato could show his vocal skills, while everyone listened peacefully to the nice song.


The concert followed with unchained rhythm and atmosphere thanks to “naked”, “WYSISWIS”, and “パラダイムシフト” (Paradigm shift). During the MC before the Encore, each member have talked and teased each other with jokes. Yume showcased his drawing skills with a pineapple character that immediately led the audience to compare it with mEN-mEN. The bassist also teased Hayato by calling him from backstage and then telling him to leave so he said then ‘gomen-men’ playing on words. This MC was particularly long, and lasted about 30 minutes. The leader Chamu apologized about that extent on his blog, as it seems they had to talk more to fix another trouble. The members threw their picks, drumsticks and bottles of water, leaving the stage after a very funny, entertaining and dynamic one-man.

Credit photos: codomo dragon
No setlist was available at the moment the article was written



One thought on “Live Report: Codomo Dragon in Saitama, Japan // 16.08.14

  1. I love your blog because it has all i need to know in english! I am studying japanese but ameba is still difficult for my N4 level -.-

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