SCREW’s bassist Rui is leaving music industry

RuiA sad news is floating in the music sites and fan’s hearts these days. It was announced recently that Rui, bassist of SCREW, is going to graduate from the band after many years together.

Even though the news is sudden, his decision is taken long ago. Since this spring, Rui was thinking about his activities in the music industry, and after talking about this with the other members for months, he finally decided to leave the band and to continue his career as a fashion designer.

The bassist thanked to everyone – starting from the members of the band, band’s staff and of course, all the fans, who supported him through all this years of activity.

Despite the sad news of Rui’s departure, SCREW will continue their activity as a 4-members band. Rui says that he will continue support the band and encourages his fans to do it too.

SCREW’s last live with Rui will be the one on 28th December at Shibuya AiiA Theater Tokyo, which is the final one-man from their nationwide tour “SCREW TOUR 2014 INNER PSYCHOLOGICAL WORLD”.

Source: Rui’s blog


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