Live Report: Anli Pollicino in Shizuoka, Japan // 09.08.14

Anli PollicinoGrowing in popularity, the band Anli Pollicino was holding a national summer tour and made a performance in the pretty town of Shizuoka. The fans all dressed with red and black clothes were waiting in front of the SUNASH with a good mood and looking forward to see the band. Once the venue was filled, the voice of Yo-1 could be heard behind the red curtain. The man cheered the fan for some seconds before making them wait again a few minutes before that the venue became darker. A video with footages from their last one-man in Shinjuku BLAZE was airing with a loading bar to raise the tension before that the curtain dropped and that the band appeared.

P1000111photo by yeongi

They showcased the songs of their new album “ELECTRIC ROMANCE”, notably “Obsession”, “LOVE Magical” with its cute choreography, “FAKE”, “TSUBAKI”, “Where is love” and “shirayuki” for which everyone stayed silent while listening, same for the ballad “Dear”, emotionally interpreted by Shindy.

As an interlude, the red curtain was again raised not without some difficulties from the staff which made everyone laugh and help him with the light of their mobile phones. A video with funny CM parodies for the new goods with the five men was aired, making everyone burst in laugh.

The band also offered some surprises like “You Spin Me Round”, “Sweet Kiss”, and an acoustic version of Snow Venus as an Encore, in which they were dressed with red yukata and played with some traditional instruments, and an electric violin for Takuma. Their new song “Memories” that was played in every show of this tour is a dynamic rock song, giving an entertaining feeling.

After taking the photo together, everyone took each other’s hand and jumped together before that the members went backstage after a hot concert that lasted around two hours and a half.


©anli pollicino

No setlist were provided at the time the report was written


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