Music Review: girugamesh – Gravitation


After a busy year touring around Japan and Europe, girugamesh is back with a new mini album named “gravitation”! With 5 new songs that we could heard a preview of before the release, the band promised some big tunes to their fans.



This mini album, released on September 24th, starts with “Go Ahead”, with a soft introduction that sounds becomes way more rock with Satoshi’s death voice. A feminine yet a little electronic voice completes in an interesting way this dynamic song that would be surely perfect in live.

The title track “Gravitation” is a perfect proof that the band knows how to mix rock music with electronic sounds. Linking heavy guitar line with electro, the song will also makes your head shake a lot.

“Not Found”‘s intro reminded me a bit of “Monster”‘s introduction with the same sounds and screams at the beginning. The song is less dynamic than the two previous ones, but does not lack of strong guitar and bass lines as well as deep death voice. Same for “Reflection”, supported by the melodic voice of Satoshi and the strong drums line of Ryo. Some headbang won’t be too much for this song, that suddenly have a break as a bridge to feint a second part that could be mistaken a as new song for some seconds.

The mini ends with “Vortex”, that also takes it charm from the heavy guitar line. Again a song that would be perfect in concert. The track is complete with a soft bridge that breaks into a apocalyptic last chorus.

“gravitation” will surely please the old timers fans of girugamesh with a lot of death voice and heavy sounds. Yet the band have kept their new inspirations of electronic sounds and use it with perfection to make a very enjoyable mini album.

My note: 9/10

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