ADAMS new singe [Akisame] OUT NOW

ADAMS new single [Akisame] was released on September, 24th 2014.

This single includes the last songs with the J-rock/J-pop genre before turning into pure electronic and digital sound.

Finally fans can hear something new from this band. The A-track [Akisame](lit. “Autumn Rain”) follows the story path from their previous singles. It continues to tell the story where [Seseragi] has end. This track is a pure J-pop track about losing your first love. The B-track is a more catchier track with bit more positive darker sound and still very sexual.

01: Akisame
02: NUDE

you can buy Akisame at itunes (€$£1,98) ,amazon, 7digital & google music.
(please check your local itunes, Amazon & 7digital  store)
You also can listen to this single at spotify, deezer (for free) if you are unable to buy at itunes and amazon.

AMAZON purchase links
¥410 JAPAN
€1,98 FRANCE
£1.98 UK
$1.98 USA
€2,58 Deutschland
€2,58 SPAIN
If you don’t live in Japan, France, UK, USA, Germany or Spain you cannot buy music on amazon.

Of course there are more platforms such as spotify and deezer, but there aren’t free to use without playing a monthly amount of money.
You also take a monthly atonement at spotify and deezer to be able to download music.


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