GHOSE with new look, last full album release, pv trailer and more…

ghose GHOSE revealed their new look for upcoming new last full album release. After good news for Jujo (guitar), who joined officially at GHOSE, now the band announced that they will be disband on 31.01.2015 after their live at Meguro Rokumeikan. The band is very sorry and thanked their fans for the support.

Vo. Ichi

ichi vo Gt. Jujo

jujo gt Ba. Shio

shio ba Dr. Yusuke

yusuke dr GHOSE announced and new last album release with title ”契描” on 22.10.2014 and will cost 3,000 yen (tax in).

glose album

1. Unfigured
3. Shadow in the haze
4. Hallcination juice
5. 滴る雨は喪失と共に・・・ / Shitataru ame wa sōshitsu to tomoni・・・
6. Breath
7. Stage
8. アカノイト / Akano ito
9. Replica
10. -終点- / – Shūten –
12. Contradict
13. Astray

Video trailer for upcoming new album. Enjoy!!!

Source: OHP and DUAL CORE SOUND ENTERPRISE YouTube channel


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