Misaruka will release a new album


ミサルカ(misaruka) new full album “The Butterfly Effect” will be sold in advance at their one-man live “[The Butterfly Effect]~In the Romeo & Juliet~” at TSUTAYA O-West at 2014/11/12,although details have not yet been announced

Promo video for their one-man

Official Website

2014/10/10 Ikebukuro CYBER
2014/10/25 Ikebukuro CYBER
2014/10/22 Shinjuku RUIDO K4
2014/10/31 Ikebukuro CYBER
2014/11/05 Ikebukuro CYBER
2014/11/12 TSUTAYA O-WEST
2014/11/18 Birth Shinjuku
2014/11/21 Takadanobaba AREA
2014/11/29 Ikebukuro CHOP
2014/12/08 Birth Shinjuku
2014/12/14 Sendai HooK

source: Trombe


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