Music Review: My Fairytale – Tokyo under note

my fairytale new

My Fairytale is an all new band from this year. I got the luck to see one of their performances last summer and bought their live limited cd that really was excellent. Now with their first single “Tokyo under note”, released on October 22nd, they are giving the opportunity to listen more about them.


This first single, including four tracks, starts up with “Hollow’s Diva”, with a nice introduction already bringing you into the fantasy world of the band. The dynamic piano line let the place to a heavy guitar line before that the soft voice of Kate comes to complete the track. The bridge of the song is very nice as well as the chorus that follows the concept of My Fairytale that still brings some new stuffs compared to their first cd. The guitar solo followed again by the addictive piano line gives to the track a feeling of a modern waltz mixed with heavy rock sounds. A very good start.

Then we again have a piano line as the introduction of “或る少女のディストピア” (Aru shojo no disutopia), followed by guitar and drums one after the other. The song is dynamic, a bit jazzy, yet with a mysterious atmosphere like all their songs so far. The chorus is softer but still nice, and we have again a guitar solo to make it complete.

“Black Aquarium” wants you to shake your head right from the beginning with the heavy drum beats from Neo. Again, the piano line is the main thread that gives the sense to the song. Kate’s voice in the bridge shows all the musicality he got.

With “狂想アンダーグラウンド” (Kyo so underground), the band proves that they are opened to other styles like electro sounds, and mixes them well with some measured autotune. Kate also shouts some words before serving a very  nice chorus. The electro sounds matches the heavy guitar and bass line with perfection. With all those different style in one song, this track is my favorite one of the single.

With a single very musical and styled, My Fairytale wears their name very well. Their songs are full of modern fantasy and mystery, and worth the try. A band to follow!

 My note: 9/10
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