Video Corner: HITT – アラビアンサマーギラギラナイト☆/Arabian Summer Giragira Night☆

Finally HITT revealed his 3rd full video for song ”アラビアンサマーギラギラナイト☆/Arabian Summer Giragira Night☆”. The song is for his single ”アラビアンサマーギラギラナイト☆/Arabian Summer Giragira Night☆”, which he release on 08.08.2013. Don’t miss previous two videos of HITT (”メランコリーと僕 / Melancholy to boku” and ”生きろ / Ikiro”), who we post, before a time. Of course, we expect more two videos in the future. For songs (”WILD KISS” and ”ハンサムロケンロー / Handsome Rock’n’roll”). Enjoy the song, sounds and the video!!!

Source: megahittofficial YouTube channel


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