Music review: Calmando Qual – Zetsubou no Gosenfu



It’s already been a while since this Mini Album was released (April 23rd. 2014) However because Calmando Qual will release their “best album” next year (January 14th) I decided to publish this review here. On the best album you can find “Gareki no Yume” which was released on this mini-album.

The official intro for this album is:
“Despair and hope,” “dreams and reality,” “death and rebirth”… The harmony of melody and soul dancing on the stage of contradiction. This dark fantasy creation by Calmando Qual, their newest work, also marks a return to the band’s musical origins.

This Mini-album will introduce you to 3 brand new songs and 2 re-recorded songs which have all their own unique rock/goth sound. It’s totally different kind of cup of tea than you are used with the more common bands such as Lycaon and Meijibray. This kind of music fits in a totally more high quality area. It’s music made with the heart. Calmando Qual needed longer than a full year to bring something new on the market.

The CD starts with a SE  (-PsychO-), it’s an instrumental song which reminds you actually of their Killer Fiction mini-album, it’s very dark and mysterious melody.
The 2nd song is: Zesshou (絶唱) an old song which was released on a special free Live CD only. The new version sound great and cool this song is turned into a more heavy song. It’s a really good re-recording!
The 3rd song is: Nuritsubusareta  Elegy (塗り潰されたエレジー) is not really a song which you would expect from Calmando Qual, because of the much heaviness tune inside. The song has a very short lyric, this also makes the melody way more important than the lyric, however the lyric is about people who laugh behind your back and that you totally hate those kind of people. everyone can easy like this song. It’s a great catchy song which never will get boring. You can watch the PV of this song at the official youtube channel.
The 4th song is: Gareki no Yume (ガレキの夢), has a strong beautiful lyric. It’s a lyric who will let you search for a wonderful dream… The melody has a kind of sinister dreaming feeling. It has a nice catchy melody which is easy to notice and to like.
The The 5th song is:  Death Song, It’s an old song into a new jacket however they restyled the voice into pure darkness, also they did choose to re-recored the short version, which is a pity since the long version has a beautiful lyric.
The 6th song is:  CRY; Cry has a sad lyric however it’s beautiful, the melody has more the taste of a dreamy ballad melody which put you into a sad world which also gives you much power.
The last song is an SE again, nice melody. good closing SE which let you play the CD again. It kind of ends as an old TAPE or LP ends.

With this mini-album Calmando Qual proofs again that they are true musicians and that they know what they are creating. Every melody fits the other melody perfect. Sometimes you might can think that some parts can a bit more heavy. But everything is played with love. Each song sounds complete. It’s a truly good piece. If you never have listen to Calmando Qual before this CD is a good CD to start with.
You can listen to it for free at Spotify.
Of course you also can buy it digital at cdbaby, google music, amazon and itunes it’s only 99cent per song. so 7x 99cent is 6,93.
However you can buy this CD at the official webshop HERE for 2700yen. It’s not something you will regret to buy.

So if you are not sure if you will buy Calmando Qual best album and you still don’t have this album. I highly recommend you to buy both together at Kiwamu’s webshop. (Free Shipping and 100% no custom tax.)


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