Music Review: Shounenki – BANG ME



The band Shounenki has released their fourth single named “BANG ME” on October 22nd. The single includes 2 new songs, available in two editions (regular and limited). As I particularly affectionates this band, I was expecting this new release with excitment.

bang meThe main track “BANG ME” follows the line of the previous single “ガゼルバベル” with an original introduction, followed by a strong guitar line. The song is complete with the nice voice of Kou that can also become husky in the bridge, and ends with a beautiful piano line to soften the rock track.

src: Kouta Dix

It is followed by “ザ リーク” (the leak), a jazzy song, very entertaining with worked lines for every parts. The chorus can become redundant but is accompanied by a good drums beat.

Shounenki follows up their way to recognition with a solid new single, even if the physical version could have been embellished by more bonus than the PV alone.

My note: 8/10
You can read this review also on Yeonnities


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