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10397169_748190711898737_6566613764749294363_oTakmi of REMNANT has announced that Rober_tj(noise) will leave REMNANT temporarily. Due a private reason, since he will move to America in January (2015).
The band cannot announce more details at the moment. But Rober_tj last live with REMNANT will be at December 13th.
Of course REMNANT will not stop their activities and Takmi and Marie will continue their music.
Also due this reason both and of course Rober_tj too are busy to create some new songs to distribute those for free at December 13th.
They are aiming to bring new songs based on the present members. If there will be more news, they will inform you again.

Please keep follow REMNANT and please keep supporting them.

— Official message;

1609616_712764865475650_731737442880364565_n We give you important information of REMNANT.
Our member of Rober_tj(noise)will move from our live activities temporarily for him private reason.
He will go to America from January 2015.
So it will see of the performance of present members for a spell with [Carmilla’s Garden]at Shinjuku JAM(Sat.mid.)on 13th December.
We can’t say anything more for the moment.
And we don’t stop our activities even if we received the information.
Now,we are in the make new songs different a free distribution of the performance on 13th December.
We labour for bring new songs are based on the present members.
And we leads you the other information another day.
We hope to see more of you!



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source: HERE


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