Rose Noire – New Mini-Album Sanctuary (update)

The long wait is over, next year (January 21st) Rose Noire will release a new mini-album. This mini-album will contain 7 tracks and a DVD with a PV.

Live schedule:
December 7, 2014 Ikebukuro Chop (pre-release & one-man live)

New mini album [Sanctuary]
December 7, 2014 live venue pre-sale
January 21, 2015 on sale
Disc number: DLRN-6
Label: Darkest Labyrinth
Distribution: FWD Inc.
Price: 2,500 yen (tax included)
Specifications: CD + DVD, 12 page booklet
Limited: 1000 copies

Vocal. Louie
Violin. Jill
Support Bass. tAk
Support Drums. Ebisumaru

20141110_2d7eef“I stand silently in the midst of flowing time, deep in the holy land”

01. Inner Gate
02. Jardin
03. Synapse
04. Worlds End Snow
05. Swallow
06. Rise
07. Daydream

01. Rise(MV)

Promo preview video

Official WebSite
Official Facebook
Official webshop


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