MeteoroiD revealed new look, some news and more…

meteoroidMeteoroiD announced some good news. Now they officialy have a new member Mikado (guitar) and they revealed their new look with him. Another announce from the band is, that they will release 1st single with title ”束縛 / Sokubaku” on 23.01.2015. The single will include 2 songs and will cost: 1,200 yen (tax in).

1st Tracklist:
1. racrimosa
2. 慟哭の間 / Dōkoku no ma

But this is not all, MeteoroiD will release another two singles in March and May. In march they will release 2nd single with title ”復讐 / Fukushū” on 11.03.2015. In May will be release 3rd single with title ”黒薔薇 / Kuroshōbi” on 13.05.2015. More news about them we will post soon!!!

Vo. Genki

genki vo Gt. Mikado

mikado gt Gt. Machi

machi gt2 Ba. Ral

ral ba Dr. Tomoya

tomoya dr The band revealed and spot video for 1st single. Enjoy!!!

Source: OHP and MeteoroiD Official YouTube channel


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