Music Review: Purple Stone – Amazuppai Mango

purple stone

Purple Stone is finally back with their first single, after that vocalist keiya was back healthier. “Amazuppai Mango” has been released on November 26th in two different editions. The regular one was available on iTunes so I gave a listen to it with expectations.

ccr-008The main track, “甘酸っぱいマンゴー” (Amazuppai Mango) is a very addictive song in my opinion. It’s been several days that I have it in my head and I can’t get rid of it. The band’s little “break” probably made them grow a bit from their first release that was already very good. keiya’s voice seems clearer and even more worked. The heavy bass and guitar lines gives some loud rock atmosphere that mixes very well with the melodic vocal. I definitely love this song.

“Hysteric Lady” has a much more loud atmosphere with the dynamic and catchy drum  beat. The entertaining chorus is supported by the shouts in the bridge to make it complete. A very good one again. 

This first single by Purple Stone is definitely worth buying, and makes my interest for the band growing again. A band that should grab your attention if you give a try.


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