Music Review: Codomo Dragon – SODOM

codomo dragon


Codomo Dragon is back with their 7th single “SODOM”. Released on November 26th, the single was available in four different versions, with different side tracks for the two regular editions.

BPRVD-145 (1)The main track “SODOM” is a crazy track at the same image of the band’s usual compositions. With heavy guitar sounds in the verses and some shouts, the voice of Hayato softens the chorus without removing any of the loud rock atmosphere of the song.

“魔女狩り” (Majokari) follows up with a dynamic and entertaining rythm. The similarity with “human error” from the previous single is however noticeable. This track is very enjoyable and is probably very good to hear in live.

“シリアルキラー” (Serial Killer), available in the C-type edition and gives a heavy atmosphere already from the start with a loud guitar line. The song is yet quite ‘festive’ thanks to the rythm and Hayato’s voice in the chorus. The shouts in the bridge makes it complete and applies the signature of Codomo Dragon.

In the D-type edition, the song “epilogue.” is a softer composition with a calm yet rock pace. The band shows again that they can explore other fields, like they did in the previous single with “last”. This track is very nice, supported by a simple but effective drum beat from Chamu.

This new single by Codomo Dragon follows the line of “VIper”, with original compositions full of talent and life. The only little flaw I could find is that its tracklist looks like this previous single: a crazy main track, two other heavy songs, and a softer, ballad like track. However, it is still a very enjoyable single that fulfill its promises.





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