HITT revealed digest video and new release


HITT revealed digest video for his Christmas and winter songs. Of course the surprise is, that will release new CD ”HITT Christmas Song Collection” on his “HITT Christmas dinner SHOW” on 20.12.2014. CD will include 9 songs, from them 2 is the new songs ”リンドンシャン” and ”恋人はマリア〜More than anything〜”.

1. リンドンシャン (new song)
2. Fuckin Christmas
3. 魔法の雪
4. 25日は君と
5. ロヴィーナ
7. Morning snow
8. 恋人はマリア〜More than anything〜 (new song)
9/ 僕はサンタクロースじゃないから
Cost: 1,800 yen

Winter is here and Cristmas will be here soon. Enjoy the parts from the songs!!!

Source: HITT Facebook page and megahittofficial YouTube channel


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