Staff Top 10 Music Releases of 2014 by Yeon

01) Codomo Dragon – [VIper]
album_arena-22_700After an album that probably disappointed more than one, Codomo Dragon was back on summer with a new single named [VIper] and truly made it way better than my expectations. It was good to hear them again with this kind of good release.
Watch [VIper]’s PV here



02) My Fairytale – Tokyo Under Note
tokyo under noteEven though My Fairytale is a new band, they already proved they can make something big with their first single “Tokyo under note”. Full of fantasy and magic, I fell in love with their world.
Listen to the single’s preview here


03) Aldebaran – 言刃-コトバ-

0095B_H1-1With their first single “言刃-コトバ-“, Aldebaran made a good entry and a good first impact. I’m looking forward to hear more from them.
Watch 言刃-コトバ- PV here




04)  Guild – Flowers ~ The super best of Love~
flowersThe new album of ギルド (Guild) was definitely one of the best release this year, with joyful and cheerful songs.
Watch 誘惑ラプソディー PV here




05) Anli Pollicino – Electric Romance
eazz-0120Anli Pollicino, still in the process to conquer the heart of their country, released an album with again a good evolution and work. We can wait again even more from them during next year.
Watch Lips to Lips short PV here 




06) Girugamesh – gravitation
gravitation_2302Girugamesh had a busy 2014 year, and their mini album “gravitation” released in September was beyond expectations with perfect songs.
Watch gravitation PV here




07) Litchi Hikari Club – 奇奇怪怪
defaultFormed by Hakuei and Gisho, ライチ☆光クラブ has released a very good new mini album with enjoyable songs. You definitely should check this band.
Watch 赫煉墨 short PV here




08) Femme Fatale – Gladsheim  Noir
gladsheim-noir-370143.2The ‘Noir’ version of “Gladsheim” by Femme Fatale really surprised me in a good way, and I prefered it from the ‘blanche’ version though this one was good too.
Watch Gladsheim preview here




09) Shounenki – ガゼルバベル
2zdxeh1 (1)少年記 released a very nice second single during June, making people talk more about them. I think we can wait more from them during 2015!
Watch ガゼルバベル PV here




10) Johnny’s WEST – Go WEST Yo idon!
johnny's west
Probably a surprise, seeing all the visual kei bands above, but I also have my guilty pleasures, and Johnny’s WEST are among them. With a first album full of joy and funny songs, this is a release that surely gives smile while listening.


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