Staff Top 10 Music Releases of 2014 by sakura8882

[1] HITT – Melancholy to boku (release: 19.09.2014)

Melancholy-to-Boku The songs in the album are with original handwriting of HITT and have something new in each of them. Emotions and sensations, that invite you to want more. The sounds of piano, guitar, drums, violin, bass and HITT voice are so perfect and harmonic. Every song have a own history. If you want to hear something new, different and original in itself, this album is exactly for you.

[2] HITT – HITTのクリスマスソング集 (release: 20.12.2014)

1549489_10152683873713445_8615068386676360145_n For the Christmas mood this new CD Collection of HITT is the ideal solution. Full with nine Christmas and snow songs. Combination of gentle and vigorous melodies. Of course not miss the gentle voice of HITT, which gives a perfect ending to a different world for winter holidays. .

[3] DICTATOR CIRCUS – 甘イ雨 (release: 06.11.2014)

jacket_4P_1P New 2nd single of DICTATOR CIRCUS – ”甘イ雨” include 3 songs. They are full with combination between melodic and hard sounds. Strong rock explosion. Don’t cheat yourself and with this single refilled with new strength for next year.

[4] sForzato – G.D.N (release: 19.11.2014)

GDNjacketweb After their last release for 2013 sForzato are here again with their new single ”G.D.N”. They again not disappointed and served very good powerful songs.

[5] Acid Black Cherry – INCUBUS (release: 22.10.2014)

product_1013002 Acid Black Cherry did not fail to surprise fans with his second release for this year. CD include 2 very good songs and of course the song ”INCUBUS” is connected with their upcoming new album next year.

[6] ONE OK ROCK – Mighty Long Fall (release: 30.07.2014)

187_0_0 Great new release for the band in this summer. Strong rock sound. The single contains tracks produced from John Feldmann and Arnold Lanni with mixes by Chris Lord-Alge.

[7] DISGUST – CALLING MY NAME (release: 16.04.2014)

dis DISGUST surprised in a very good direction this year with their new single. Strong metal sound in combination with melodic rock.

[8] MY FIRST STORY – 虚言NEUROSE (release: 29.10.2014)

20140930130327 Strong new 3rd album for the band. Should not be missed. If you want good rock sound this is it.

[9] girugamesh – gravitation (release: 24.09.2014)

gravitation_230 I’m surprised by the mini album. As always on the level. Not disappoint.

[10] Sadie – GANGSTA (release: 24.09.2014)

ganksta Typical in Sadie style their new album ”GANGSTA” is saturated with rock and metal sounds, but have and something different from their old releases.


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