Music Review: Develop One’s Faculties – フラスコ振ると天秤揺れた

develop one's faculties

Develop One’s Faculties was formed this year, and already impressed me with their first PV preview for “フラスコ振ると天秤揺れた”. I got very curious to hear more so I bought this single that was released on December the 20th.
dof_83t838983x83r92ca94ccThe main track, “フラスコ振ると天秤揺れた”(Furasuko furu to tenbin yure ta) is a very dynamic song already from the beginning with this surprising yet addictive guitar line. The voice of Yuya gives more intensity and extent to this very good track, that is not linear at all like I could think. Indeed, the bridge cuts the rythm and brings even more surprises than from the preview.
“結果論” (Kekka ron) does also have an impressive guitar line, supported by the singer’s voice. The softer chorus is a bit undity to ears but the song stays very nice in its all.
Develop One’s Faculties is one of the good music surprises from this year, with a first single full of talent and good promises. I’m looking forward to hear more from this band in the future.
You can read this review also on Yeonnities

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