ADAMS new album details & Europa tour details

10547142_768877889853325_6855032990987511621_oADAMS will release a new album, the official release date has not been given yet, however the pre-sale of this album will be at their start of their new Europe tour which will start in Finland at the capital city Helsinki on February 20, gig house Gloria.

02. WHY
03. Baddest Crown
04. HERO -Dear Eves my precious broken piece-
05. blind
06. ゲームセット
07. Darling
08. S.E.X
09. Wolf
10. Fly through the sky

All tour dates; more dates will be added.  Their will be 30 shows scheduled in total.
Feb 20: Helsinki FI, Gloria
Feb 27: Luxembourg, LU, Rock Box
Feb 28: Munich, DE, Garage Deluxe
March 01: Epinal, FR, Senyu
March 13: Rennes, FR, TBA
March 14: Utrecht, NL, Oshare Con
March 15: Den Haag, NL, 330 Live
March 20: Roubaix, FR, Bar Live 301
March 21: Paris, FR, HIGHFeeL Party, TBA
March 22: Paris, FR, Le Klub
March 27: Berlin, DE, Privat Klub
March 28: Cologne, DE, Barinton
March 29: Liege, BE, La Legia
April 5: Switzerland, TBA
April 10: Vienna, AU, Replugged
April 12: Prague, CZ, Chapeau Rouge
April 15: Moscow, RU, Club Seven
April 17: Warsaw, PL, Fabryka Kotlow
April 18: Wroclaw, PL, Firlej
May 1: Italy TBA
May 2: Italy TBA

Tickets and more tour details via HIGHFeel HERE


And for those who didn’t watch it yet
Their music video to YOAKEMAE which was recored at their first Europe tour in Germany.


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