Music Review: GUILD – Love Machine


ギルド (GUILD) has released their new single “LOVEマシーン” (Love Machine) on January the 1st. Without waiting any seconds from the announce of the release, I ordered two of the three different editions and here are my thoughts!

GD_cd01“LOVEマシーン” is a song from Morning Musume, released in 1999. The band made a brilliant cover, including the end of the 90s spirit mixed with rock sounds. This is a festive track that will surely make you dance around.

Listen here Morning Musume original version of “Love Machine”

This new release offers as well some emotional ballads, like  “なごり雪” (“Nagori Yuki” by Iruka in 1975) and “しあわせのランプ” (“Shiawase no lamp” by Tamaki Kouji in 2004). Both will relax you as well as giving  you a nostalgic feeling. The voice of Ryuichi is soft and hauntingly.

Besides those pretty ballads, the lovers of dynamic rythm won’t be disappointed thanks to “め組のひと” (“Megumi no hito” by RATS & STAR in the 80s, and also covered by Koda Kumi in 2010). This track is probably one of my favorites from the single with its jazzy sounds and an amazing guitar solo by Yoshihiro.

I was really expecting Guild on “悲しき願い” (“Kanashiki negai” or in English “Don’t let me be misunderstood” by Nina Simone in 1964, covered by Animals one year later). This version sounds more like the one from Santa Esmeralda (1977) with the flamenco rythm, and the lyrics of Bitou Isao’s version in 1964. The Japanese version will probably surprise the people used to English, but it is very nice to hear. It is not making me forget my favorite version by Santa Esmeralda, but it has the merit to not be bad and to be entertaining.

Listen here Bitou Isao version of “悲しき願い” 

I didn’t know what to expect from an all cover single, but I was not disappointed at all. Guild made their own versions without changing the atmosphere of the original songs, giving a nice homage to their previous performers.

You can read this review also on Yeonnities

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