Nippon Heaven presents: KRAD

kradOfficial Site

KRAD is new visual kei band formed in 2015 with current members Sou, Mayu, Yuu and Mitsume. They start their activities tantivy with two upcoming releases. On 18.11.2015 they will release 1st maxi-single ”Plantman” and 1st mini-album ”SepsiS”. CD’s will be in pre-order on their live at Tsutaya O-West on 12.11.2015.

Vo. Sou / 宗

vo sou

Gt. Mayu / 繭

gt mayu

Ba. Yuu / 悠

ba yuu

Dr. Mitsume / 蜜爪

dr mitsume


[Dead bouquet](Krad.名義) – 28.04.2015

Plantman – 18.11.2015

SepsiS – 18.11.2015



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