Interview with G.L.A.M.S.

MikaruG.L.A.M.S – the solo project of well known artist from Japan – Mikaru. There is no need to say that he loves touring Europe and come back here for a tour or exhibition every once in a while.

Mikaru was in another tour in Europe last month, along with the artists who supported him in this solo project, so I was able to ask him some questions.

Check out below! And enjoy!

Nippon Heaven: Hello, Mikaru-san! This is our first time talking with you, so may you introduce yourself?
Mikaru: Hi, my name is Mikaru from hell! I’ve got two bunnies. I’m the King of vampires! Yeah, nice to meet you!

NH: Your Euro tour started already! How do you feel in Europe?
Mikaru: This tour is different from the last one, because Yudai on guitar is here. The sound is better, it’s easier to perform. Yesterday we also did the show with a drum, it was more emotional, more hard and more crazy!

NH: You’ll be touring Europe almost 3 weeks. Do you like the time while touring – all moving, new cities etc.?
Mikaru: Yes! If I would have time, I would like to go to the Château de Versailles! It’s a big castle, I would like to buy one in Europe one day (laughs). Otherwise, I really love to see my fans to come to my shows, and the bosses of each concert halls are very nice. I love to talk with them. About all moving, I don’t have time to think about them because I sleep all the time (laughs).

NH: Is there a country in Europe you’ve never been in, but would like to visit in the future?
Mikaru: I would like to go in Greece. I love the regions of Greece, Athens… I would like also to go to play in Spain, and eat some see food.

-Photo made by Stephanie List-

-Photo made by Stephanie List-

NH: You develop in different areas of art, but what inspires you to become a musician?
Mikaru: First of all, I wanted to be John Lennon! Two years ago, I still had no idea of adding paint and jewelry. My life is on stage!

NH: And is there artists who inspires you in your work?
Mikaru: The band that made me begin with music is the Beathles, but an artist I’m inspired a lot with nowadays is Marilyn Manson. I usually have many inspiration from many artists and many music styles.

NH: We know that you’re also painting and make designs for jewels. Do you have more ideas in this area in the future? Next exhibition or something more major?
Mikaru: In the future, I want to participate in a painting contest in Japan, and if possible, exposing again.

NH: Is there something other than music and art, which you love doing and you still hasn’t shown till now?
Mikaru: Music and art are things that I can do for the moment for G.L.A.M.S. I like both and I won’t add another part to my project, for the moment.

NH: How you see yourself after 7 years?
Mikaru: 7 years ago, my life changed. I became a vampire. Still now I am a vampire.

NH: Is there new projects that you work on currently? Should we expect new release?
Mikaru: I wrote new songs nowadays and I have many plans. In the near future, I’m planning to release maxi single or album.

NH: We, from Nippon Heaven, are from Bulgaria. Would you like to come and visit our country?
Mikaru: I’ve never been there. I don’t know this country and I don’t know the fans yet. For sure I wanna come and meet my fans!! Wait for me Bulgaria!!

NH: Thank you for the interview. Can you leave a message to all Nippon Heaven readers?
Mikaru: Thanks to everyone who came to my shows! I’m very happy to see you again! Please, never forget my NAME! I am MIKARU!!!


Interview taken by: Kalina Petrova for Nippon Heaven!


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