X Made Alcoholic Santaclaus are coming in Europe

XMASX Made Alcoholic Santaclaus or XMAS in short are band under the label HIGHFeel. XMAS was started by the band’s guitarist CHARLIE and his friends back in 2013, in the city of Yokohama, Japan. The guys had known each other for years, as they had previously played together in several different bands (like STUD, STAB, and others), and had performed for many events and festivals before finally creating XMAS. They describe their sound as “Loud Heavy Rock n’ Roll”.

HIGHFeel are preparing a whole new experience for XMAS and European fans and are going to bring them in Europe, starting from 28th August! Here is the list with whole dates.

◾Aug. 28: Berlin (DE), Cortina Bob
◾Aug. 29: Veldhoven (NL), AbunaiCon
◾Aug. 30: TBC
◾Sept. 04: Cologne (DE), OSTWEST + After Party in Bochum
◾Sept. 05: Brussels (BE), Rock Classic (+guest)
◾Sept. 06: Liege (BE), La Legia (w. Noisy Pride)
◾Sept. 10: Japan FM (FR), live interview
◾Sept. 11: Lille (FR), Dame C.
◾Sept. 12: Lyon (FR), La Marquise (w. RISING STYLE)
◾Sept. 13: Paris (FR), Le Klub (w. Satsuki and Sana Sama (JP)

Along with the tour the band will release brand new album “Nouveau départ”, which will be available during the tour and also through band’s website. And here is their new video for the song “Throw Away Tonight”:

Source: HIGHFeel


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