the GazettE World Tour 2016

gazetteThere is a super good news for all fans of the Japanese music. The epic band the GazettE announced a world tour this year. the GazettE World Tour 2016 will consist of 16 performances in 4 different continents – North and South America, Europe and Asia! It’s absolutely going to be a big travel for the band!

The tour is devided in 3 movements – for the different continents. 7th movement is for the Americas, 8th – for The Far East and 9th for the Continent – Europe. Check all the confirmed dates bellow!

the gazette world tour 2016the GazettE WORLD TOUR 2016 DOGMATIC -TROIS-:

7TH MOVEMENT “The Americas”
15 April: Mexico City, Mexico @ Teatro Metropolitan
20th April: Buenos Aires, Argentina @ Teatro Vorterix
22nd April: Sao Paulo, Brazil @ Audio Club
25th April: Dallas, USA @ The Bomb Factory
27th April: Toronto, Canada @ The Danforth Music Hall
29th April: New York City, USA @ Playstation Theater
1st May: San Francisco, USA @ The Regency Ballroom
3rd May: Los Angeles, USA @ The Wilterm Theatre
5th May: Vancouver, Canada @ Vogue Theatre

8TH MOVEMENT “The Far East”
13th May: Taipei, Taiwan @ TICC
21st May: Shanghai, China @ Q.Hall

9TH MOVEMENT “The Continent”
3rd June: Paris, France @ Le Zenith
5th June: Cologne, Germany @ E-Werk
8th June: Munich, Germany @ Tonhalle
10th June: Helsinki, Finland @ The Circus
12th June: Moscow, Russia @ Izvestia Hall

More info about the tickets can be found on the band’s site! The tickets for the shows in Dallas and Los Angeles are already available. For the other shows in Americas tickets sale will start on 15th January. The tickets for Europe will be available from 11th January. There isn’t any info about the tickets for the shows in Taipei and Shanghai yet, but it will be announced very soon!

Have you planned which show to attend? My advice for the fans is to be fast, because we all know how fast the tickets will be sold. Be ready!

Source: OHP


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