Misaruka will release first MV collection

Awesome news for all Misaruka fans – new and old. So you wasn’t able to buy some CD or you’re new fan and want to have music videos of the band, but their old releases are already sold out? Then here comes your chance. Stawave Records will release the very first MV collection of Misaruka with music videos from 2011 to 2013. This lovely video collection will consist of 9 beautiful videos and will cost 4,320 yen (tax in). “-Animus-” will be available for pre-sale starting from 4th April at the live venues and officially will be dropped in stores on 7th May. As it will be limited to 1000 copies only, be ready to order fast.

Now, check out this video spot in YouTube.

Animus1st MV Collection [-Animus-]
Product code: SWMR-9
Label: Starwave Records
Distribution: FWD Inc.
Total: 43 minutes
Price: 4,320 (tax in)

Track list:
01. -Sin-
02. -Jester-
03. -Prince-
04. -Rosary-
05. -Juliet-
06. -Jailer of Justice-
07. -Kanon-
08. -My Dear Rose-
09. -Rasen-

Order from Starwave Records online shop

Live schedule:
April 04 @ Ikebukuro CYBER
April 10 @ Nagoya HOLIDAY NEXT
April 11 @ Shinsaibashi Club ALIVE!
April 22 @ Ikebukuro EDGE
April 25 @ Ikebukuro CYBER
May 04 @ Ikebukuro Black Hole
May 06 @ Jishuban Club (in store event)
May 10 @ Ikebukuro CYBER
May 22 @ Nagoya MUSIC FARM
May 23 @ Shinsaibashi Club ALIVE!(guest appearance)
May 30 @ Ikebukuro CYBER
June 16 @ TSUTAYA O-WEST (Starwave Fest)
June 28 @ Ikebukuro CYBER (guest appearance)

Source: Starwave Records, e-mail


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