Music Review: Anli Pollicino – ELECTRIC ROMANCE

Anli PollicinoAfter the release of their single « Angel Heart » in early January, Anli Pollicino is back with their second full album named “ELECTRIC ROMANCE” like their national one-man tour of this summer including 22 performances. The album has reached the 41st rank on Oricon’s weekly charts at its release, the best ranking of  the band for an album so far.
Including seven new songs on a total of ten, the album is available on four different types, notably a limited deluxe version with a Live DVD.

The two songs that are promoted with this album are “Lips to Lips” that has been released as third track in the single “Angel Heart”, and the new song “Shirayuki”. They both have a Promotional Video, for now watchable only through the bonus of the album, as the official channel of the band haven’t released them through Youtube yet sadly.  While “Lips to Lips” is a dynamic and entertaining song, “Shirayuki” is a slow and beautiful ballad in which Shindy’s voice takes a deep place as well as “TSUBAKI” that has more cute sounds.
Talking about cute sounds, the most surprising track is probably “LOVE☆マジカル” (Love Magical), with an impressive bass line as introduction and a cute, pop genre quite rare from the band.

Don’t think that all of this makes this album less rock! Not at all. Right after “Angel Heart”, “Obsession” comes to give a good eazz-0120rhythm, in the real signature of Anli Pollicino, alternating the voice of Shindy and Yo-1 in the chorus. My favorite track of “Electric Romance”. “Secret Romance” has a gentle verse and entertaining chorus as well as “FAKE” that plays on words in the lyrics with “are are are Fake You” and starts for the first time with a feminine voice as introduction.

The band didn’t forget their affinity with trance sounds with “Where is love?” , a full speed song in the chorus, followed by the new version of “Colors” that has a bit more heavy sounds than the original one.

Anli Pollicino has released a second album full of promises, and they have been fulfilled with very good and surprising songs. The only regret that we could maybe have is that they seemed to have abandoned the death voice of bassist Masatoshi after “TRANCEFORMER”. But it doesn’t remove any interest for the five members’ band, which climbs progressively in popularity in their country.

Global note: 8/10



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