Live Report: SANA in Sofia, Bulgaria // 02.04.2014

DSCI1283SANA, doing his first solo European tour, made his 3rd stop in Sofia, Bulgaria, which we, from Nippon Heaven, gladly attended. The show took place in the club Mixtape 5 and all Bulgarian fans wouldn’t missed its entrance, because of the big billboard with SANA’s face. The beginning was scheduled for 7:30pm, but some lucky fans, who were able to buy VIP ticket, has entered the club at 6:30pm to have meet&greet session with SANA. And while the others were waiting to enter the club, tension was growing and growing. Finally at 7:30pm the door were opened and all the fans, gathered in front of the club, were in.

DSCI1287SANA didn’t let his fans to wait him a lot. Jumping on the scene, he started his first performance, greeting the fans with Bulgarian word “Здравейте”, and the show began in a full power. Being for the first time in Bulgaria, he was very shy at the beginning, but after that everything became more and more easier. After playing 2 songs, SANA made and awesome conversation with the fans, introducing himself in Bulgarian and asking the fans “what’s his name?”. The club was filled with loud screams “SANA-sama, SANA-sama”.

He performed most of his solo tracks, like “I”, “Sange”, “Eclipse”. The audience was happy to hear some songs of his previous bands MASK and Kain, performed by SANA himself. Such a pleasure for the ears. At one of the MC talk the fun raise even more, when SANA asked: “Where’s my honey?”. At first Bulgarian fans were shy, but then all the girls screamed “here”. Whole audience were SANA’s “honey”. It became even more fun, when SANA’s “daddies” also joined. Yes, men audience was also very hot and enthusiastic.

SANA continued with fast rhythms, performing his song “-Wish-“, in which the audience went crazy, doing some headbang, screaming as one and enjoying the show! People, expecting to hear his new works wasn’t disappointed as well. With a small introduction, SANA performed the second song from his new single “ism” – “Silver”. Being more with some pop sound, everyone were jumping and singing alone with him, even though many didn’t know the lyrics. SANA was jumping and playing as well, doing an amazing performance, singing in full power and showing his gorgeous skills with his guitar.

DSCI1306The show ended, but the audience wasn’t ready for end. The hall was filled with load screams “SANA-sama”, asking him to come back. And he came back, shirtless, for happiness of the girls. He started his encore with the song “I”, showing again how good he can play on the guitar. Second song from the encore was left for the audience to choose, and the fast choice was, of course, the song “Eclipse”. With even more power, SANA performed his favorite “-Wish-“, making the audience again to jump and scream, and to make headbang. And with “Silver” for the end, SANA finished the encore and the show ended this time for sure.

The show was followed by signing session, in where everyone was able to get a sign. SANA was smiling and talking with everybody and signing autographs even on people’s bodies. All the boys and girls were content and left the club with a smile, thinking about the awesome live, they had just attended.

We, from Nippon Heaven, had the chance to meet and speak with SANA too. He was very happy and also content of his performance in Bulgaria, telling us about the great taste of the Bulgarian yoghurt and that he wants to come back again in Bulgaria, if possible.

SANA’s Euro tour continue in a full power. Don’t miss him, if he’s going to visit your country. He is going to play on 3 upcoming conventions in France, Spain and Germany and 6 more solo lives. 9 lives left only, so prepare yourself and don’t miss!


SANA with Nippon Heaven Staff

Written by: Kalina Petrova (Amairo)
Pics by: Nippon Heaven archive


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